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When you sign up for a Box of Crafts, every month you will receive a box of projects designed for your little ones to enjoy. FREE shipping on all subscriptions!

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Choose your plan
We currently have two options to choose from. Select a single Box of Crafts subscription or select the Siblings plan and get 50% off your second box.

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Choose a frequency
Choose your billing cycle. Select from month-to-month billing or prepay for 3 months.

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Get a package!
Enjoy your Box of Crafts! Each box contains 3 - 4 projects with step-by-step instruction sheets.

Did you know there is a difference between "art" and "crafts"? Art is typically open-ended, creative, unstructured and expressive. Crafts are usually structured, goal-oriented, skill builders, disciplined and helps with critical thinking. When designing our projects we try to balance between the two.