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About Us

When my daughter started preschool, every lesson plan whether it was math or science or even motor skills, were taught with crafts. Her day was full of arts and crafts. On the weekends, she wanted to continue her exploration through arts and crafts. My wife and I searched for projects and went to the local craft stores.

We are not "crafty". We (and probably you) have those crafty friends who are full of imagination, vision and makes beautiful handmade cards, trinkets and can seemingly "create-out-of-nowhere". Box of Crafts was not created for those friends. Box of Crafts was created for us - parents who want to spend time crafting with our kids but aren't sure where to start. If wandering around a craft store is overwhelming, then Box of Crafts is for you.

Box of Crafts can introduce you and your kids to new projects, common supplies and techniques and really make the process less stressful. This is how we started, and wanted to hopefully share this with others.