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Common questions and answers

Do I have to pay for shipping?

Shipping is FREE for all subscription plans. Shipping is also FREE for one-time purchases.

When am I charged?

Our sign up cut off date is the 27th of each month. If you sign up prior to the 27th, you will be charged during the sign up process. Thereafter, you will be charged for the renewal subscription on the 7th of each month.

When does my Box ship?

Our Boxes ship out on the 28th of each month. For example, if you signed up between October 28 - November 27, your first Box will ship on November 28.

Can I sign up for multiple subscriptions?

Yes you can. Sibling Boxes are available and is the best value.

Can Sibling Boxes be sent to different addresses?

No, Sibling Boxes are sent to the same address.

What age is Box of Crafts designed for?

The project boxes are designed for children ages 4 - 9. We don't doubt that an advanced child crafter can do them at 3! Please note that there are small parts such as pom poms, stickers, string, paper, etc. that are included in the box. Some may look tasty to a child so please be aware of this.

What if I am missing any of the included supplies?

First of all, we apologize! At any time, please send us a note and we will contact you to make it right.

Tacky glue versus a Glue Gun

If our projects call for glue, we will always use tacky glue, Elmers glue or paste in our instructions. The projects are designed for children as young as 4 so we cannot recommend using a glue gun. However, if an adult is helping out, using a glue gun will typically work better.